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Since we're closing in on the 100,000th post on, I wanted to offer my thanks by providing another way to get to the site. You can now enter the site via - Enjoy!

And, for those paying attention, yes the post totals have been removed from the bottom of the index... for now...

Thanks again everyone!
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Originally posted by timothyjoe@Oct 15 2005, 03:37 PM
no more ystc forums?!!?! noooo...
Learn to read.

Congrats, Eric. We all love our home away from reality.
site's still here, will be here as will the forums... since people call the site ystc anyway, now there's a domain to make it more legit
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Hey Eric I'm having problems with validation when I started using
validation for what? all the links that point to the forum should be going to am I missing some?
Once I linked to my favorites I have to log in every time I do something a member must be logged to do. I disconected the link to ystc and now I don't have any problems.
strange... I have no idea why there would be a problem as the forums and the cookies for the forums are both tied to & you can only enter the forums via
Nothing will transfer since is a simple redirect to - the forums and everything else are still located on
thats cool.. its def. easier to type ... then writing out the whole thing.. thanks eric.. for the convenience.. x)
so does that mean i can buy a YSTC.ORG sticker now?( I know way off topic)
I wasn't planning on it, but maybe next time I'm able to get decals done I can have a run of those done as well if enough people want 'em...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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