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You've never seen this before.

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It's just another Flint Mica tC. I'm bored, so I decided to post pics of Nara.

It snowed here in Virginia Beach.

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Wow... you got snow & we didn't!! hardeeharhar!!

BTW: Looks real nice!!
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Screw you guys!

Anyway, the tC handled nicely in the snow.
I meant that it was weird/funny... cause I live in western Virginia in Roanoke...not out west. I'm actually worried about the tC playing in the snow.
Yes, I know where you live. Your location says "Roanoke, VA." I just wish that we didn't have snow either. That's all.
I remember those days. I went to "A" in Dam Neck. Now I'm back in lovely Sunny San Diego.
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i got to skip virginia, cause us submariners went to groton, ct for A school and sub school. i got snow in march, and by july it was 1million% humidity and hot. spent st patricks day in chicago that year. it was like 12 degrees. stupid east coast weather.
nice and clean (minus the last shot). =)

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