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i am still thinking about getting new wheels at some point. for those of you who have custom wheels on your tc, what kind do you have? i'd like to get an idea of what styles look good on the tc.
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Pics would be great too.
ricoo25, good idea. pics too.
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I have Enkei PK6 in anthracite 18x7.5 with 225/40 ventus HR II here r some pics (pics of it lowered coming soon:)

Enkeis anthracite color almost matches the Flint perfect, but the flint is alot more metallic on the car. Personally I went for a lower offset to get a rim with a lip to fill up those beautiful flared fenders:) These are +35 mm offset just my $.02
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very nice J&J flinTc. they give the car an aggressive look.
Those look nice!
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those enkei's look great!!
The pictures of your car are not showing up. Is there a way you can post them again please.
ok fixed the link!!
Mighty fine ride Flux!!
Originally posted by J&J FlintC@Feb 15 2005, 02:11 AM
Mighty fine ride Flux!!
Thank You
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go to they have a picture of your car then add the rims
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