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You wont believe this

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Well my car is roughly 7 months old. Some of the veterans here are well aware of my on-going battle with my tC..........severe quality control issues have arisen.

Today was my wash/claybar/wash/wax/wax day, but it got cut short after the first ten minutes due to RUST (YES I MEAN RUST!!) allllllll over the car. As i'm happily claying along, i hit the first patch.......figured NO BIG DEAL it was probably from the rotors. However as i progressed I realized its EVERYWHERE! I am livid right now.....and perhaps have progressed on to enraged........that my car has yet another defect. Ive enclosed pics as proof. Remember, this paint is 7 MONTHS OLD......

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Did you have the unfortunate luck of buying a pre-production prototype? It happens from time to time in the motorcycle industry.
no, the vin indicates a prod# of 38xx
It's lemonade time!
tried that........back when i had just the moon-roof issue that the regional mechanic himself could not fix. Add all the dealer frustrations.....the troubles i have starting the car, troubles with the trunk rattle......and now all the rusting.......and they STILL wont do anything but blow smoke up my ass.
Is the rust from where paint has chipped off? If not, if it's on top of the paint, then it's probably from road debris...
Wow.... thats not good. Not good at all. I'd go to the dealership and demand a paint job. I'm sorry, but that should not be happening. I work at a car dealership and our body shop does things like that all the time. The write them off as warranty work and everyone is happy. Good luck man, i hope someone can give you some answers cause i'd be pretty damn pissed also!
call the state because state law policies can make them either give you another car or fix the damage its your choice and it is in the lemon laws and it benefits you as a consumer, use it
Did the marks come off the car after you clayed them? I'm curious to see if they are chunks of crap embedded in the paint or if they are indeed under the clear. Are there any on the sides of the car or are they on horizontal surfaces? Trunk lid, bumper, hood, etc.

My initial guess would be that its embedded crap, but you would be able to tell better than the rest of us.
Time for them to give you a new car. I know in this state after all the problems you've had they would have no choice. What does Scion have to say about it?
Where are the rust spots?
is there anyone else with this kinda problem? I just ordered mine and I wanna know if this is an isolated incident or a major problem that I'll be experiencing.
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I've never heard of anyone else having this problem, pinky.
T, I am sorry for your trouble. If a quality paint shop can confirm for you that the rust is under the paint and not embedded in it, you might want to talk to a lawyer.

On the subject of the so called "lemon law," people need to stop spreading misinformation about this. The laws vary tremendously from state to state, and it's not nearly as simple or straightforward as people like to say it is. You're not going to be able to just walk into the dealership and say, "Hey, I've had three problems with my car [if that's the law in your state], and I want a new car now." Like I said, if the problem is a defect -- and if the rust is embedded in the paint, it's not a defect -- talk to a lawyer.
I heard someone complaining that his tC's PLASTIC bumper was that case, it turned out to be airborne rust that had become embedded in the paint.
I know what you're talking about Marty... there was a thread on SL about someone who, as it turned out, left metal shavings in the hatch from when they drilled the holes for their lip spoiler. Over time the metal shavings fell out, onto the bumper, and started to rust.
There is airborne iron from your brake discs and pads, depending on how hard you use your brakes and the composition of your brake pads.
I have scorches in my hood and they have been there for maybe a month. My car is about 11months old. I've washed it and everything else but no rust has come up yet. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Have you tried using a bug or road debris cleaner. Maybe it is something that was in the air and is now reacting with some type of chemical compound from your cleaners and what not. Do you live in snow??
Still wondering if you clay bar the area if it came off? The person on Scionlife used clay bar and it came right of.
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