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Yet another tint topic

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Hey, I am goign to tint my FM tC tuesday adn i have two choices. 20% charcoal tint or 35% charcoal tint. I want to see what they look like and was hoping some people would post pics. I have searched and found the few topics that show tint but they usually have different percents in back and front and i wil have same around cause i think it looks so much cleaner.

I would appreciate it if someone with 20% tint and someone with 35% tint all around would please post some good pictures without too much reflection so i can see how dark it really is.

Thank you so much.
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35% all around. And if you want to be able to back up at night without fear of trash cans and bicycles, I recommend the same.
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is that your trailer in the back?
Do 20%, 35% isn't dark enough in my opinion.
35% is plenty dark, I just got mine tinted like that and it is perfect. I got 5% across the top of the front windshield though.
I think i am going to have to find a tinter that does 25 cuase it sems like thats what i want. i might just settle for 20. thanks for the input
35 looks really light for some reason. anyone got the rear with 15% ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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