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WOW!!!! i finally got my 2006 Scion tC on July 27, 2005 @ 6:30 pm.i know it was a day early I was happy as hell when i walked in the dealership, seeing my car on the friggin showroom all glistenin and wat not....whooo!!....i walked in and the dealer said here's your KEY and what your looking @ is your brand new car....I WAS ECSTATIC when i saw my friggin car it was like angel singing in da background...LOL'z but anywayz got da papers signed n everything and left the dealer @ 8 ish..I let my dad drive my new car home coz i haven't driven a stick in a while....but newayz glad that i got my car....sorry pic quality suckz cam phone.

My Dumbass happen to get a 5 speed but my downfall is that i hella friggin suck wen it comes to drivin a it's my 1st 5 spd car...not countin drivin a prelude for 2 hours....having being used to drivin an auto for a long ass time i am sorta regretin gettin a 5 Speed but at the same time i need to realize that by learning how to drive a stick makes you a better driver and a VERY good driver coz u have total control of the car....newayz oh my goodness let me tell y'all i drove around my car wit my dad and i killed the engine so many times you don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times i killed the engine....and plus i stalled so many times...damn...and also the tC has much shorter throws than the sticks i've been drivin and the clutch is also new..since i am talking bout the clutch i think i burned the clutch pretty huh...i Hope that's under my friggin warranty...but anywayz i was suppose to drive it to work today but since the car wasn't insured yet i decided not to drive it...but then i found out that my dad tried to get me on the insurance but the friggin system was down so i won't be insured until like tomorrow late noon..but knowing me i hate takin the bus and since i have my car already and i am 18 now why take da bus..though i'd share that wit y'all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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