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Xtreme Nationals Car & Truck Show

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Went to the show yesterday & today. Had LOTS of fun!
Car Show... took 2nd place to a SSM tC with a F'ed up bodykit... very bad fitament & scratches in the paint & a nasty spoiler on the back but that's cool.... I got 2nd place.
Test & Tune... My g/f went down twice (remember, this is her first time ever)
1st run:
--------------tC vs. a 350Z
R/T: -----.965-------.430
60' -------2.859----- 2.271
1/8m ---11.861------ 9.556
1/4m ---18.431------ 14.677
MPH ----71.18-------- 95.61

2nd Run:
------------- tC vs. Mustang GT
R/T: -----.695-------- .350
60': --------2.622-------- 2.378
1/8m ------11.473----- 10.057
1/4m ------17.842----- 15.453
MPH -------71.29------ 91.15

Then I tried...... (remember this is my first time also)
1st Run:
---------- tC vs. Honda Prelude with a H23??
R/T -----.651------ .250 -----(The wheelhop in the tC was horrible!)
60' --------2.488------- 2.619
1/8m ---------10.695------- 11.238
1/4m ---------16.613------- 17.396
MPH ----------82.48-------- 78.54

2nd Run:
------------ tC vs. Honda Civic 1.6(CAI, Headers & Cat back Exh.)
R/T ------.733----- .450------ (Again... wheelhop & spinning tires)
60' --------2.645------ 2.773
1/8m -------10.891 -------11.523
1/4m -------16.724 -------17.834
MPH --------82.93--------- 78.08

This guy said he normally runs 16.2 but he blamed the bad run on his new wheels instead of his steelies.... for some reason... I didn't believe him.

Both times I raced... It was awesome.... once the tires grabbed the strip it took off like a bat outta hell... I just didn't like the wheelhop & the spinning tires for almost two seconds but once I finally got into 3rd gear.... HOLY SHHHHH..... All I can say is WOW!! I'm hooked to this racing thing..... not to mention... I have a large enclosure w/ 2 10's & 2 amps & I had a kinda big luggage bag in the back seat. I guess with time my R/T will go down. When the spinning starts.... should I get off the gas a bit or maybe go to 2nd? What do you guys think?
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Cool. Get those shifts down and you should definitely hit mid 15s. Surprised that a GT Stang only got a 15.4...thought they were more quicker.
I need advice on getting my shifts down or will it come with practice?
Shifting and launching come with practice you will get it eventually.

My g/f went down twice (remember, this is her first time ever)[/b]
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If I could figure out how to put the video of it on the computer I would upload it for everyone to watch. It was alot of fun!
The vehicles I beat on the track:
Honda Prelude

Honda Civic
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Originally posted by EddieMoney@Aug 15 2005, 05:25 AM
My g/f went down twice (remember, this is her first time ever)
i was waiting for that
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OKAY!!! So I worded that one a bit wrong.... hardeeharhar!!
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