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xmas gifts installed

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Here are some pics of the sheepskin seat covers and OBX pedals I got for xmas installed. I also got the TRD Springs, but I need to wait a week or two to get those installed and I will, of course, post pics then too.

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Baaaaaa! Nice.
looks like a comfy way to protect the seats.

i wish mine had leather like my infiniti, but i'll be thankful for the cloth this summer
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My Supra has leather. I always wanted cloth, but I never saw a hardtop with cloth seats and the hardtop is way more important.
very true. the targas look so cool, but :/
i bet those seats are like a bed and you fall asleep at the wheel
One thing I don't have to worry about with cloth seats is getting my skin burned off when it's 100+ degrees in the car.
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this thread is olddDDdd.
wow this *is* an old thread! wow yeah dude i rock you must have gone way back to find this one!
i really didnt like those seatcovers the first time i saw them
They look really comfertable but IMO I think they make the car look pretty ugly.
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