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hey, i finally got my amp to stop producing the buzzing feedback. instead of using the HLI wires, i cut off the plugs of the HLI's and i ran them into a Speaker level to RCA level converter.

only problem is now my subs sound like poopie. but its hard to believe that its all because im using a converter though, so i am almost sure its because i need to readjust some settings. the two that i think must be off are: i dunno where to set the x-over and, on my hi/lo converter, there are 2 signal adjusters. what x-over setting is best? and on my converter, how high should i set the signal/gains (theres one for the right and one for the left)? it makes things so complicated now that i control the gain at the converter AND at the amp. if i have the converter gain at halfway and my amp gain at halfway, does it add up to maximum gain?

right now it just sounds like my subs are hitting the wrong notes sometimes and it often sounds off key. kinda like its missing the important notes and playing the stupid background notes that are supposed to be quieter. which settings are causing it to act like that? will a better brand converter help? right now im using a brand from Oz Audio. and both gains on the converter are set to 1/3rd and my amp gain is set to 1/3rd. x-over is around 90hz

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^^that would be my vote as well

Also they may sound weak at loud volumes, because if im not mistaken the stock head unit has built in distortion limiters

If you need clarification
LF Speaker Pos. - Pink
LF Speaker Neg. - Purple
RF Speaker Pos. - lt. green
RF Speaker Neg. - blue

LR Speaker Pos. - brown
LR Speaker Neg. - yellow
RR Speaker Pos. - red
RR Speaker Neg. - white
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