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Or trade for my OEM Matrix 16s.

I'm from you can find me there and I have over 50 positive rating on ebay w/ 100% feedback.

If anyone is interested in OEM 16s w/ Eagle RSAs that came stock, has 18k miles on them. 205/55/16s.

Contact me at [email protected]

Rims: 16X6.5 39mm offset, weighs around ~ 40lbs with tires.
Tires: weighs around 22lbs, so rims must be less than 20lbs.

Tires have been rotated every 6k and only winter driven the past 2 winters.

Used them once at the drag strip and got 15.1 w/ them(so you're getting the same exact tires that I got low 15s with

Since I have to get new all season tires soon, I was thinking for a few hunder dollars more I can get a used set of rims & tires with >80% tread life in the tires.

Don't know if anyone is interested. We'll work out how much cash you'll be getting for the trade.

We can trade center caps too.

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