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Worst Bodykit for the tC yet.

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My jaw dropped when I saw that. Who in holy hell would put that on a tC....

(although notice he didn't sell it)
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Geez. Too radical.
it looks like a snow plow.....that could be great in the midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!
DID U see the side of the wholes on that THING jeez, a kidd could get lost in it. lol wow. wats next..........
Where do the wings fold out?
It's not bad for the try, but it's not my type. Maybe if they tried wide body it might have looked better.
nasty. i hate the front end on it.
Originally posted by Dr. Isotope@Jun 26 2005, 10:33 PM
Don't opt for the shipping to your house.
Jesus, 900 dollars to send it to my house. crazy people.
wow, now that really looks like a transformer. or something paul walker would be getting out of. well, both, actually. kinda seems as though they want the tC to look like the last gen celica, but on steroids.
isnt that the sprtline kit and yeah it is fugly.
900 dollars to ship that thing? It looks like it can fly to your house.
It looks like ugly.
oh guys hate it huh :- ( I should ask around before make the kit :-(
ok ok ....
that is ugly, it don't even look like a tc
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Yea that us the worst Body kit that i have ever seen for the tC i dont really think any of them look good except for lip kits so i am keeping mine al stock on the out side and doin all performance.
The Front is Fugly. But If You take a look at the rear shot, its not that bad. I'm actuallty feeling the rear bumper and the sideskirts. I think if you guys really look at it, its the front that is catching you off gaurd. It would look aight with another front bumper like kaminari or buddy kit 2, or even abs dynamics lip. Most of the rear bumpers for body kits are boring as hell, at least this one has some creativity. But, as for the front, WTF were they thinking.
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1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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