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window tinting

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does anyone know what is legal in california??

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You can't tint the front windows AT ALL, but people still do it.
The rear windows can be tinted at 0% if you want.
Mine is tinted 35% in the front and back windows and 20% on the hatch. Illegal ... yes... but its damn hot!

Here you go guys, hope this helps out!
I just got mine done a few days ago. I got mine tinted 5% in the back and the sides and 35% for the driver and passenger. I also tinted the front windshield with 20% as a strip at the top.
Isn't it too different? 5% sounds real dark, 35% sounds rather light compared to 5.

"Sounds", so I wouldn't know how it looks really.
I have no idea what percentage my window tint is. My brother's friend tinted them and all I know is that my back windows are dark as hell and my front windows are even pretty dark, but not as dark as the back ones. Like imasaf said... illegal... yes... but it's damn hot!
5% is insanely, ridiculously dark -- darker than limo tint, which is around 10%. 35% is barely noticeable to me, but the legal limit in many states -- it used to be the limit here in GA.

Mine are 20% all the way around.
god, im still debating whether i should tint my front windows, it makes me nervous that a cop could just pull me over for the tint, sigh to be illegal or not... stupid cali cops -____-
well what % tint is considered illegal in CA? i would still get mine tinted. you dont want it too dark because that could mean you have something to hide and that would probably attract thieves.
I have 35% front and 5 % back. The discoloration isnt as bad as I thot prolly cuz of the flint micah color and the car inside is dark too.
i have 20% in the back and 25% in the front. looks goood. hopefully i dont get caught up b/c i heard that tinted windows arent fix it tickets anymore.. theyre now moving violations.. which means a bigger fine.. =/
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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