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window tinting

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How much are people paying for window tint in the Boston area. I called around to a couple of places and there are quoting about $300.00. I didn't think tinting was that expensive. Anyone know of anywhere good.
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I paid about $130 but I'm not happy with the quality. I will probably have someone else remove it and retint it for me.

Hmm... about window tinting... please make sure the tinter PROPERLY pull up both rubbers on each window. Make sure s/he dries the bottom section really well and test it (roll down/up a small section of the window) before s/he leaves.

My fiance and I had issues with our tints because the tinters did not do a good job of pulling up the rubbers.
Tint King in billerica is where I got mine done. They use Llumar tint which is one of the best brands.

He will quote 200$, sunroof not included.

They usually use a machine to automatically cut the tint but the tC is too new so he had to do it by hand.

BTW, I've read in multiple places that tinting your sunroof could cause it to crack, since it can't expand properly when the sun is beating on it. However, I'm still unsure about how true that is. I did not get my sunroof tinted (yet).

Here's a link to the website Tint King
Yes they are. Around 20 or 30 it seems. But I was thinking of tinting them further to reduce heat transmission while the car is parked so that I don't have to close those flimsy covers every time.
I think the sunroof is at 20% if I remeber correctly... I got a friend of mine to tint my windows (he's a certified pro) for $100 bucks at 22% and it looks sweet
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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