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Window Tint

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Looking to do a 15% tint on the tC but cant find a clean and trustworthy place. Anyone have recommendations for someone in socal located in OC. Im afraid theyre gonna damage my interior with water if theyre not pros
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I don't know any place near the OC, but a really good tinter usually has unlimted warrenty. Ask a few friends, ask the tinter to see some of their works. If it sounds too cheap, probably is, but I have heard couple successful tints that were about 100 bucks with full warrenty. (At another forum)
Thanx for the advice this is the first car i will be tinting so thats good to know
Hello.... I can't recommend a place but you may want to read my post about tinting your tC in the following thread. I'm not sure if you got a chance to read through this yet but here it is anyways...
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thanx imasaf and yea i did see your post thanx for the dual rubber advice ill make sure to tell them
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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