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A quick review for anyone interested in Wilwood's kit, which is going for $1085+shipping from Precision Brakes Company, and I think $1075+shipping somewhere else (sorry, I can't find a link right now). Please note that I also got the braided steel lines from Wilwood, which probably result in some of these changes from stock as well.

Wilwood brake kit improvements over stock:
-Less pedal slack travel (this may be due to a well done installation by my dealer though)
-Same initial braking force (does not increase initial sensitivity excessively, creating a car that's difficult to modulate--i.e. not excessively grabby)
-Better progressitivity (sic? As you press the brake harder, the amount of brake force increase is more in line with pedal travel; I felt the stock brakes were not progressive enough, requiring too much travel for stronger braking).

Wilwood brake kit non-improvements:
-You're not braking any shorter without better tires! (this should go without saying, but I'm saying it here anyway)

Other notables:
-The new rotors are much, much lighter than stock, because the stock rotors are one solid rotor, including center hub, while the Wilwood kit has an iron contact section that bolts on to a separate, lightweight hat.
-The brakes have a more aggressive pad than the stock ones, so there's quite a bit more feel through the pedal of the brake surface (that could also be related to the steel braided lines I added from Wilwood as well), and the cross-drilled holes provide some Those who get the GT rotors, which are slotted instead of cross-drilled, won't have this issue.

Pics (click them to zoom in):

Front brake kit and Privat wheels

Rear with stock brakes

Front wheel gap with wheel turned in slightly

Front wheel gap with wheel turned out slightly

Rear wheel gap

The car sits on TRD sport springs, so these pics are after the minor drop. I apologize for the nasty phone camera pics and promise to shoot better pics once I get my rear brakes in.

The stock tC wills will clear these brakes.

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