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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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wow... old post revived...
that's just gross.
i'd drive that any daY!!!! :p

to teh junkyard....
i definetly believe this is photoshoped
One way to be sure that an image was or was not saved by photoshop or imageready is to check the file in a hex editor. Photoshop and Imageready leave a signature in the file; Although the sequence eludes me, someone probably knows, or will go look it up.
so what, if thats what he wants done to his car, then so be it..... ive seen alot worse DIY interior paint jobs that i wont mention right now. IMHO a tc thats not lowered looks just as bad
from what i remember from this post it really wasn't photoshoped..

Shift, thats not funny.. you kno im gonna fix that...
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Since we are on this old thread. Has this guy be apprehended by the authorities and taken off the street?
Yuuk it gives such a bad image of the tC and its SSM...MY EYES!!!
that should be illegal

...isnt it illegal?

I would have crashed if i was driving and saw that!!
the thread that would not die. I would like to milk it for one post credit please... thank you.
How would it die its a horrible tC
i prefeer riding on steelies with no hubs than that lol
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LOL omg who's the guy who owns this tC??? He's making the car look bad for the all of us.
Geeze, I live in Ocala, thank god I've never seen it - if I did, there's a good chance I'd set it on fire!
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.... CLEAR! *Bzzzzz*. Okay, revived.

Havent we locked this yet? Damn
grave diggers......
Lock Lock it its ugly
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121 - 140 of 148 Posts
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