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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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I hate to say this but that is a photoshop picture.

Look at the rear bumper the stripe is missing on one side. and it covers up a portion of the scion logo on the back trunk (perfectly like it was painted) The antina is actual higher then what it should be and if you look when it overlaps the grey where the antina overlaps the metal there is a distinct break up. Just blow the picture up and you'll see what im talking about. If thats not a photoshop file then it is extreamly poor graphics done on that car.

I thought my Got Bass? Sticker was ugly looking.
Agreed, I thought the car looked fishy.

Patels didnt do that editing tho because he uses ms Paint

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his picture looks fairly normal except for that big grey spot on the rear rim. (by the lugnuts) which its a solid gray splotch no blending nothing just solid grey.
Patel, since you took this picture why not post the original picture, not resized or renamed so we can take a look. It is possible some detail was lost in resizing, and the partial stripe on the bumper is a shadow from that wicked cool spoiler.

just to appease us, post the original.
it may be a chop, but its still spelled antenna.

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spell check is the best piece of code every written! I use it daily just not on forums.
but thanks for pointing it out to me
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I thought I saw a photochop that looked just like this.. on this site but i couldnt find it. It looked almost the same.
wow this is a sad day, i did have the pic but i didnt think peoples would bring me up for a fake car, i'll have to take another picture of it at cfcc again and show u guys another angle of it or a picture with me lol. I guess its just to much to believe, but its for real, i resized it paint and i use paint but im not good with anything really as far as adobe or any off that stuff so yea. Its for real and if u need more proof, i will get.
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Don't worry patel, I believe you. My designer looked at the pics - did not find any signs of doctoring, just bad resizing job
The guy does graphics ever since computers stopped being green screen terminals, so he know some stuff.
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I didn't know Honda had started making TC's as well.

I believe you too.. but another pic would be nice.

I was just hoping it wasn't true :p .. i know this person has a right to do as he/she pleases but there's too much going on with that thing
I want a pic of the guy with his car, and then I can fly down and punch him in the face
I would also enjoy punching that ::insert slur of your choice:: in the face.
why would you need such a big, flashy wing, when:
1. its fwd
2. you wont go fast enough for it to create downforce
thanks, im actually thinking of taking off the pinstrips and and im thinking of changing the grill as far as superficial work. Mainly trying to focus in the car...waiting for the supercharger. lol as most are . lol
lol, its not the same one. atleast i dont think so.
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