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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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True, it was gonna happen, BUT WHY ME! why did i have to see it! lol Well let him rice that scion, and as far as my location, CFcc Is where i saw that ugly hell of a car! wat a sad day, i will have nightmares of it. .....Going into my garage and turning on the lights and seeing it instead of my car! lol haaha. I know im evil for posting the picture of the car. But i had to, i couldnt resist!
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Speaking of tasteless adornment with decals - what's the idea of that pinstripe line on the side of your car other than to add $ to the dealer's coffers?
HAHAHA, i got it as a gift, thank you very much. lol. not a fan of pinstripes hahah. I just got it as a gift from my mom and dad so i didnt complain. How could i, and as for the pinstipes, i like em. They look nice.
Im sorry if i affended u, is that ur car dude?? lol sorry but i saw it and i had to post the pic.
wow....that spoiler is 'interesting'. Have to say though, stickers are stickers and that pinstripe is rough. 1st time I've seen a pinstripe on a tC...kinda kills the lines. IMHO of course. Bottom line - if you (or your parents) bought it, do what ya want. Different strokes..........
THe pin stipes arent rough, thats the pic. i never clean it up and crop it right. I used paint to resize it. thats why it looks like that. lol let me get u guys some up to date pics on my car.
I guess if I didn't have the racing stripes down the middle and that spoiler off a 747 it wouldn't be all that bad. But still its just plain nasty. Why? Why oh why does rice have to infect all the good things in life?
wow your tc looks more red than the bcp's i've seen in person. did u do something to it in photoshop or something? the starbust lightpoints reflecting off your headlights are sweet.
Nope, thats florida for u, Great day after cleaning it down and it looked perfect. Took the pic. ANd "wala" there is was. lol.
Originally posted by wildpatel@Jul 19 2005, 08:00 PM
Im sorry if i affended u, is that ur car dude?? lol sorry but i saw it and i had to post the pic.
Not offended, dude. You're cool.

Just pointing out the irony of someone bagging on someone else about decals while they choose to sport the pinstripe from hell (pot calling kettle black). Maybe when you get big you'll have the cahones to take the bold move of removing an objectionable add-on even though mommie and daddie bought it for you.
And no it's not my car (get a hint from my handle -bsp, as in "black sand pearl")
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So am I allowed to rag on the hideous decals and otherwordly spoiler? I paid for my own car and don't have a pinstripe. Just wanted to make sure that I had your permission.
Okay, for the sake of affending anyone im sorry, but i just wanted to know if the guy was on here, if u noticed the lol, i was just kidding around and i wasnt serious guys. watever floats ur boat, and i just wanted to know if that dude was on the page so i could say wats up and find out wat mods he did and where he had been getting some of the work done on his car in ocala. jeez, and as for the car from my mom and dad, i earned it and sorry if i get a gift for busting my ass and running a banged up 91 camry all through high school and wat not. jeez. But anyhow, yea ur right, that was mean. so sorry. didnt know it was such a biggie. But i also wanted to see if anyone had seen anything crazier on a tc yet to. Its probably the most i've actually seen in person on a tc, to date. so yea. my b

And o yea, i didnt know wat bsp meant lol. thanks.
wtf not what but who, would put a spoiler on the rear of a fwd car.........
thats like an oximoron, you put a spoiler on the back of a rwd car to get better traction, and stickers don't make 3 hp! ????......... the make 5Hp
, but as far as the tv, whats wrong with that?
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Spoilers do nothing on most cars for street applications. This is well known. Some people like them for the sake of appearance. Now the particular kind of spoiler is another issue entirely...
The driver of that tC must like the spoiler because it so thoroughly shows off his lack of taste.
Well the TV, thats wat i wanted to ask the guy! he has this good idea about the tv inside and i wanted to ask him how it worked out and if it was cool to check it out, probably will give me a laugh and walk off now, but yea, that was the only real reason of doing it, I've seen the ones in the head console and the one that sticks out and i hadnt seen one like this, so i was curious to know how that was, if ur on my scion?? lol sorry about the jokes, just being a pain. lol
Yup i vomited twice. I've actually seen a black sand pearl TC around my area before with the same decals on it just in white though. He even has a WHITE freakin spoiler on it that looks dumb. I've seen the car twice but havent had a camera with me. I must admit its ugly along with the one you took a pic of in FL. Im actually gonna go try to find that car and take a pic and post it for you guys. Check back in a few days. I think the kid lives about 10 miles from me. Pz out. Stop killing TC's People!
Someone should swipe the tc to rehabilitate it back to reality, and someone should donate a civic to give to the owner to let them go crazy on a p.o.s. and give a tc its' life back.
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