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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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R2>>> Not to be rude, but if you dont like what you're reading, dont read it. Or just delete this forum from your bookmarks. No disrespect, but I see things that I dont like all the time. You're not going to change someone's mind, but getting fired up about it, and "type-yelling" is really not going to work.

I'm sorry that you find something here vulgar/offensive, etc, but these people here are full of useful information and great opinions... Sometimes you agree, sometimes you dont.
.... CLEAR! *Bzzzzz*. Okay, revived.

Havent we locked this yet? Damn
CLEAR! *bzzzzt* Whew, after nearly a year of being dead, we have revived it, Doctor...

Can someone lock this thing already?
1 - 3 of 148 Posts
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