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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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Speaking of tasteless adornment with decals - what's the idea of that pinstripe line on the side of your car other than to add $ to the dealer's coffers?
Originally posted by wildpatel@Jul 19 2005, 08:00 PM
Im sorry if i affended u, is that ur car dude?? lol sorry but i saw it and i had to post the pic.
Not offended, dude. You're cool.

Just pointing out the irony of someone bagging on someone else about decals while they choose to sport the pinstripe from hell (pot calling kettle black). Maybe when you get big you'll have the cahones to take the bold move of removing an objectionable add-on even though mommie and daddie bought it for you.
And no it's not my car (get a hint from my handle -bsp, as in "black sand pearl")
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