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WHY! riced tC

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I've seen this Tc around Ocala, FL. Does anyone know you this belongs to in florida. The guys got bright blue strips that i think i saw on the skyline in fast and furious and a spolier that just scared me. And a blue box on the dash centered with a tv screen?? Just wondering WHY! fine class turned into complete ass. IMO
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lol, its not the same one. atleast i dont think so.
for real, take deep breaths
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lets be mature and move on with our lives. it SERIOUSLY is not that big of a deal. juss chill out peoples.
wow, this is way out of hand. just chill
wow, you seriously have no life R2D2, go read a book.
i have something funny to show you. i found this picture.

where did i find this picture you ask? on yahoo images.
BUT, where did this picture COME FROM? an ASIAN FORUM. yea, your eyes dont decieve you, it came from asian people who use the word RICE. SO GUESS WHAT BUDDY, your alone on this one. PEACEE

dont believe me? click here.
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Asia Finest

a whole thread by asians about riced out products. what will the world do.
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Vote with your feet and vote with your dollars.[/b]
thats the best line within your whole statement.

did you like the turtle or what?!?!!!
lol y
Originally posted by mikeyb3d@Oct 28 2005, 06:23 AM
R2>>> Not to be rude, but if you dont like what you're reading, dont read it. Or just delete this forum from your bookmarks. No disrespect, but I see things that I dont like all the time. You're not going to change someone's mind, but getting fired up about it, and "type-yelling" is really not going to work.

I'm sorry that you find something here vulgar/offensive, etc, but these people here are full of useful information and great opinions... Sometimes you agree, sometimes you dont.
dont start that again.
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