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Who has the highest milage?

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Who here has the most miles on their tC?

I have 25k on mine.
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I'm guessing Alpman...

I have almost 17k myself.
.... 700!
Had my car since July and already have over 7,500 miles on mine; I don't have the most yet but at this rate I'll be up there real soon.

Lemme see had my car a year and i have 7,300 miles..YAY!
I've had my car for 10mos and have almost 20k miles on it.
i've had the car for 3 weeks.. 840 miles.... almost time to unleash the beast within..
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A little over 3 months and barely under 3k.
had mine a little over a year and i am at 23400
had mine since 8/13/04 and i have 18.9k
18 K after 11 mos, wow some of you guys drive it even more than me. Are your miles from work (commuting) or joyriding??
I don't know if i should be proud but i've had my tC for a year this sept and i'm at 26k
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3 months... 2300+
I was out of a job for several month otherwise my milage would be way higher then the 18k I have now.
had mine since July 5th 05 and Ive got 5600+ miles on mine
4 months and 1,400 miles. I only live 8 miles from work.
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