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white tC w/19"rims

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some pix of my ride... work in progress.

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Cool car, though the 19's just look too big on the tC, IMO.
Nice rubberbands on those wheels
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That looks phat! What kind of springs are you using? Props on your ride mang!
I like the 19's. That is what size I would go with if I was in the market for wheels. I'm going to wear out my stock tires first. ha

looks fcuking awesome! love the rims... first super white tc that looks waaay nice (except for the stickers - i never like those on cars).

nice car, definitely post more pics, when there's been more progress
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Daaaannng...dem's nice!
best lookin set of rims on a tc yet!
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I like the stickers!!!
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nice, i want to get the 'tC' debadged, did you do it yourself?
Originally posted by phungy@Oct 12 2004, 01:04 PM
nice, i want to get the 'tC' debadged, did you do it yourself?
Debadging the "tC":

1. Select a nice hot day, park in the sun, let the area around the emblem get as warm as possible (or use a hairdryer)

2. Pry the emblem off with your fingers (try to leave as much adhesive on the emblem as possible).

2.1 If simple "prying" does not work - use floss to "saw" through the adhesive.

3. Clean up the mess: try to remove as much lefover adhesive as possible with your fingers, the rest comes off with any adhesive remover. I like the DucTape brand adhesive remover - it smells like oranges

edit: 4. Wax the sore area.
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i like it.. although i think 19" is a bit too much... i sure as hell couldn't do it where i am.. too many bumps.. i'd be bouncing along the road and probably pop a rubber band or two tryin to dodge potholes
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thanks alot zoltiz!!
That ride is the SH#T!!! hey so r those goldlines forsale yet??? or r u just they expiremental car???
Me again mang...I just wanted know if those 19's rub a lot?

Dat #### still looks phat tho. What springs you using mang?
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I wanted to know how the tc would look like with 19' rims. Nice.
Hey Guys/Gals,

I know there are some haters ... but what can I say. I'm loving my 19" rims. And surprisingly, the ride is just as smooth as my stock 17".

I'm using Goldlines prototype springs...which is a 2 inch drop. The Rims are staggered fitment. The front is 19 x 8.5 and rear is 19 x 9.5. I'm running 215/35/19 in front and 235/35/19 in the rear.

Absolutely no rubbing in the front whatsoever... there is slight rubbing in the rear when going over bumps and dips. However, i fixed it by rolling my rear fender.

The rims are called Axis Finish... and have to admit it's more beautiful in person. hehe.

I was going to go with 18" rims... but didn't see the point of having 1 inch gain from the stock 17" rims. I've tried 18" rims ...and there is absolutely no difference in ride comfort with the 19" rims. So I have opted to stick with 19" rims. Yes, the tires cost abit more... but it's worth every penny.

People have different taste in modding their rides... and so do I. My goal is to create a "euro" styling tC ... clean and simple tC.
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Originally posted by J&J FlintC@Oct 12 2004, 04:35 PM
That ride is the SH#T!!! hey so r those goldlines forsale yet??? or r u just they expiremental car???
Goldlines have informed me that they're having some type of technical difficulty at their manufacturing plant in Northern Cali.

They will keep me updated accordingly...

hopefully they will be ready for sale sometime next month...
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