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white tc, diy mods...

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DIY is the only way!
nice grilll man, daym that looks real good and clean
I'm curious how you did the rear lights? Aftermarket parts?

White is probably my favorite car color, but I've had white for the last 15 years. Time for something new. Got a Flint Mica 'En Route' from LA as I type this... This is going to be a LONG weekend..
the light overlays were courtesy of the local bluebatmobile, check out his website,
Does anyone know if these are California legal? I haven't seen many around, but that doesn't make them illegal.
How did you do that grill? Looks nice.
Originally posted by taehwan_jkim@Oct 29 2004, 02:36 PM
I saw your car last monday at school, looks good!
overlays are illegal, pretty think like this, anything you do to ur car is illegal pretty much, but im pretty sure black tail lights are illegal, but then again its like tint on ur front windows it depends on if the cop is an ass =)
The only way they would be illegal is if they make your taillights not red anymore, or if they don't let enough light through. The really dark ones probably do both.
Where did you get your grille?
That subwoofer box is exactly what im looking to get. Is that custom or did you buy it somewhere?
Looks amazing Nice wheels! Looks amazing~!
Looks great, I like the subs. Welcome to the site.
SiCk TC man. love the rear view. i like that black on white tone. keep up the good work. looks way better than your old car haha.
I like it. Good Job
how do I get a hold of them? there's no contact info on blue bat mobile's website!!!

BTW: your ride is sick!
why is one grill darker than the other
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1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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