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Whirring, raspy type noise coming from transmission/clutch

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Hello, I drive a stick shift 2015 Scion tC, and have noticed a noise coming from the engine bay. I am convinced it's coming from the drive train, specifically the clutch/transmission. The noise presents itself when the clutch is released, in neutral or in gear. It gets louder when in low gear when I first take off, but is not as noticeable in when cruising in high gear. It gets louder the higher the rpm in gear. It is like a whirring, or rasping kind of noise. It goes away completely when the clutch is pushed in. I haven't noticed any driveability issues so far. Some people that have heard it in person think it's the release bearing, but I think it's an input shaft bearing. I have an appointment to get it checked out but I wanna see what guys on here think. Thanks
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