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back story: putting in a new clutch, slave, & master cylinder but want to put in a new 5th gear and synchro ring as well.

it has 170k, well-maintained, only issues are occasional slight grinding shifting into 4th (hence the clutch+slave+master cyl.) and just recently will not stay in 5th gear (happened on hwy 91 but just drove it in 4th rest of the way and was fine).

ordered the new 5th gear kit from ebay ~$200 and a synchro ring set ~$140 from but hesitant about taking the transmission apart in the event that the set i ordered does not contain the right ring.

the site was only selling 2 different sets both same price ~$140 listed as "ring set, synchronizer, no. 1" & "ring set, synchronizer, no. 2" item #'s differed by only one digit.

only other synchros listed are ~$40-$75 listed "ring, 2nd synchronizer outer," "ring, synchronizer no. 3," "ring, synchronizer inner no. 5," "ring, synchronizer middle no. 5," "ring, synchronizer outer no. 5," and then just a pull ring + snap.

i'm positive it's the synchro ring but again just don't want to open up the tranny and be SOL.
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