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Which size is best?

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Alright this may be a dumb question, but is worth asking for me... U have the EMX Super 18's or whatever they're called, and they are 7.5" wide... Then u have a lot of other wheels that are 8"s and which would be an easier size to find wide tires for, like 245's? When I replace my wheels, I am definitely going to be putting 245's on the car just for the cosmetic purposes, and I want to know which is a better, more common size wheel? My father has a 2003 Mustang GT, and it has 245s on all 4 corners, and does anyone have a guess what width his wheels would be (it's a stock GT)? Anyways, thanks a bunch
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I'm pretty sure the Mustang GT has 8" wide wheels which is the minimum I would go with if you want to run 245s.
Yeah I think your right, and I gotta tell ya, although it has nothing to do with the wheels, nor the tires, the cars pretty wild 'n crazy to drive when u have me behind the wheel cause u pop it in 1st or 2nd going around every turn and punch it and that back comes right around for me everytime... Gotta love torque...
I think my cobra-r rims on my mustang was 18x8
Mustang Jolly; I would just like a Cobra-R and lets just say goodbye tC... As long as it was a true Cobra R its all good... Ha, that would be a deal... A good deal for me but u, umm, not such a good deal... Of coarse the gas and insurance, and the reliability all look better for the tC, but still, the R would be fun... I enjoy my fathers GT every once in awhile but it's not the Cobra R...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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