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Which rims look better?

  • Katana inspire [IMG][/IMG]

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  • Motegi r7 [IMG][/IMG]

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Which rims?

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which ones do you think would look better?
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On what color tC?
i like the black one
I like the shiny one. The poll is even 50/50 now!
on a black tc.. i am going to paint the katana rims black also, because i want my car to be all black
Oh. I wish I had known that before I had voted. Subtract one from the silver ones then -- they look better because they are the color of wheels. Paint them black and I would dislike both equally.
I dislike them both also. I think you should keep looking
Yeah man it definitely took me a good 2 months to find which ones I wanted but I would go with the Katana Inspire, thats what I wanted before I found the ones I wanted.
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Which one of these do you think looks better?

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I am feeling the third ADRs and the Konig Trouble's? Yeah I like those two.
from the first picture i like the katana's on the last post i like the 2nd and 4th ones.
I voted the black one, but I have Privat Profils on my car and they are somewhat similar looking.

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Poll pics: I'd pick the 2nd one if it was in silver...

Last post: Neither, I'd say keep looking.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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