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which mods should i do first on the tc?

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hey guys, i was wondering which mods i should install on my new upcoming tc. i'm planning to get it comletely stock, no dealer modifications... i dont want the trd exaust or n e thing, but which mods should i go for? i was thinking... headers, intake, and exaust...nd wit da exaust.. a downpipe...

o.. and.. i was just wondering.. but how much does it cost to do the lowering from the dealer? and does the TRD exaust come with downpipes/uppipes?

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I belive the TRD exhaust is just a axle back configuration and does not come with the goodies, the lowering cost about here in town was $350 for me but from around here most people have done them themselves.

I personally am going for the intake first and then exhaust, but rims might be first on the list I am not sure yet...
if your not getting any dealer mods i would deffinitely do an intake to let the engine breath a little better and then lower it and get strut/sway bars

the only modifications i got from the dealer were the trd springs and hotchkis strut bar which make the car handle in a whole other world
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Please do a search or just read the topics in this section. This has been talked about before.
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