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Which Exhaust to get?!?

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Hey guys, got my K&N intake, and now have enough money saved up for an Exhaust and winter is finally almost over. I know there has been some talk about the different exhausts and i know most people are going with the TRD. It is my first choice right now, but then I see sites claiming the INJEN gains 10-12 HP and 101ft/tq ( And for around the same price as the TRD. I cant find a sound clip of the Injen, but for a 8-10 hp gain over the trd, wouldnt you think its worth it? So im pretty much stuck between Trd and injen. The borla also looks nice, but i dont need the air filter. (and dont want to pay an extra 50 dollars for it). So what would you knowledgable guys do? Go with the TRD that we know kicks ass?, or try the Injen, with not as good as a reputation, for a bigger gain? Thanks alot!!!


Racing Solution- Sounds good. what you think?- and what about power gains??
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i know a place that will sell the injen exhaust for 200-250, pretty cheap and VERY VERY easy to install
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