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Where is the tC built?

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Im still waiting for my tC. Dealer tells me my car is at the port of entry now. But this raises a question.. Where is the tC made? Japan??
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Yes, Japan.
Yep. One of the many reasons I decided to go ahead and buy one. Three straight vehicles with a final assembly point in Japan rather than Kentucky or St. Louis or something.
Thanks for the info. Yea I kinda like the fact that it is fully assembled in Japan to. So do they sell the tC in Japan or is it strictly and exported vehicle? (I believe xAs and xBs are sold in Japan)
I think the tC was strictly designed for the US market, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I remember reading somewhere(Possibly this site?) that they were going to create a factory in North America. Anyone else hear that?
The tC is sold exclusively in the United States.
And currently built exclusively in Japan, although Jim Farley did talk about diverting some US capacity to Scion production. Probably NUMMI in Fremont.
Japan. About 4 hours away from where I live!
If the VIN's first character is J, it is made in Japan.
Originally posted by Wolo@Apr 6 2005, 12:10 AM
In a factory.
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in hiroshima guys, go look at your car in detail, they have all of this
So in some factory somewhere in Hiroshima.
Does that mean our cars glow at night?
nah, only if you've got the illuminating exterior mods.

yeah, remember when everything said "made in Japan" instead of China or Taiwan. Oh, I forgot, most of you are youngsters.
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I remember when it said "Made in Japan" and it was crap. I'm not such a youngster.

I also remember an urban legend about a supposed town in Japan named Usa. Things made there were purportedly stamped "Made in USA" to confuse Americans. No, this is not a one-liner, it's for real.
youngsters? geez, grandpa.
Oh, as you all know, I spent a great deal of time in the nuclear forensics field. Something the average (and not so average) person doesn't know, the air filter in your car and in your vacuum cleaner is one of the most radioactive things you will ever touch (assuming you're not a RAD worker). The entire planet is lightly coated with heavy metals from all the nuclear testing we've done over the years, and our air filtering devices actually concentrate this dust. It's always interesting to take a meter with decent sensitivity and test an air filter for radiation...

I would imagine this is particularly fun in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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