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When will the sport version come out?

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When will the sport version of the TC come out and what will it have, the specs, the price, and if it will have a special color or badges? Your best guess....
What would you like to see on it?
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you can edit your post (there's a button on the top right, if i remember correctly, that says "edit"), so you don't have to post twice to say what you mean

about a sport tc - i think it would lift up the price even more, and then all of the sudden the scion's idea to have lower prices then others on the market will be lost - it'd probably go up at least couple of thou, making a "sport-tc" close to lower price hondas and acuras etc... so i think the only way you can make your tc "sport" is to put a supercharger or smth like on it
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where do u hear this information? "sport-tc"?

you asking me? then: it's just my guess, as i said in the last post - i think sportier stock version of a tc will never come out

if you're asking liquid, then he's just asking, he doesn't offer any info

so. what did you mean?
i think its pretty sporty now for the price and its appeal is the price.
you can safely bet that scion will not offer different trim levels of any of its cars. its the main reason why our prices are what they are. the more trim levels (EX, LX, S, etc...) that need produced, the higher the cost of production, the higher the retail price. a monospec vehicle is one of the scion fundamentals.
it sounded to me like this was a topic that might have said this.

I know the tC is already a fantastic car. What do you suppose the Release Series tC will include. Any guesses?[/b]

[EDITED to correct my spelling]
^^^ Mori, you have been drinking alot, spelling like that.
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What's today?
agh whog caaries bout spelein?
I think I'm the only one that knows how to speel around here.

Last I heard... the Badger was delivering it tonight!
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