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Wheel Possibility

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so i am considering trying to get out of my matrix and into an xB. more space, less dollars. it would be in white, and it would be an automatic (mostly the wife's driver). but i cant leave well enough alone, so i have to get to work on modding it a little if and when i do pick one up. first thing, rims. so i found these, and thought i would see what the reaction was. i would do them in a 17", and i would naturally lower the little box a bit.



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I think those rims would look really good on the xB. Do they come in 18's, though?
white on white?
yeah, i am kinda into monochromatic schemes, with hints of something else to accent. the wheel face matches the car, the polished lip ties in with the glass and what will most likely be a billet grille.

yes, they come in 18", but i wont leave the wife with a 215/35/18 tire to help her destroy the rim even more than she mosty likely will already. besides, lowering it will be enough of a ride comfort change for her (and the kid that's on the way, which is why i am looking at the xB).
17's will still look damn good and I think the white on white will too. Congrats on the kid coming. Had you mentioned that already?
i think that would look good on an xB. i am the same way, everything has to match accordingly, especially with a white automobile.
Originally posted by Plissken@Jul 7 2005, 08:16 PM
Congrats on the kid coming. Had you mentioned that already?
thank you, jake. and no, i havent really mentioned it.
alpman was in the shop today (BTW, his system sounds ever better than it looks, and in person it looks bitchin) and liked the rim choice as well. i think these will do it, unless i see something amazing between now and purchase time that rocks my socks off. still, i really like the guys at mod concepts, and i like their rims and prices and all that. and i always support people who take good care of others. at a retail of 1250 for rims/tires/mount/balance/shipping/install i dont think i can go wrong.
I think that would be awesome man, real sleek looking. Are you planning on tinting the xB as well, i imagine a nice dark tint would really contrast well.
tint would be a must. the stock privacy glass is a good start, but not enough. still, i have to make it drivable for someone who doesnt enjoy driving as it is, so 5% probably aint gonna happen on it. but, i am thinking an additional 30% on the back, and then 50% on the front side windows.
I like em
Also, the owner of modwheels is a real nice guy too. I emailed him to ask about shipping to where I live since he has nobody in my market that sells his wheels, and he was fast with replys and info, and sent me a picture of the wheels I was looking installed on his car.
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^^^ no doubt. the guys at mod concepts are certainly class acts. we are very glad to be working with them.
I would say get em, they look really good on that kind of car, I would think anyway, I too am also a fan of the color matching idea...I think it looks really cool with the polished lip
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