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I just realized that the megan, alphawerks, and dc sport headers are a 4-1 design. The only 4-2-1 is the Monster motorworks at a cost of $800!! I am looking for a 4-2-1 header to match with my TRD supercharger. I like that when my car was stock, the hp and tq numbers were pretty close at 160/163. After the supercharger, it comes out to like 220-225hp and like 180-190tq. That is quite a difference. We all know that 4-1 is for top end and 4-2-1 is for low and mid range. The TRD s/c pulls hard all the way to redline, so the top end is already good. I want a 4-2-1 to increase torque and bring the low end up to match the hp output.
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