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what's the best car wash soap?

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because of my water/soap spots problem, what soap stuff does everyone use to wash their car and what's the best?
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Im sure everyone pretty much knows what brand of product i would reccomend in this instance hahaha - t
i dont know... :\
where do you find zaino stuff T? bet you wonder how i read your mind....

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I recently tried some Meguires gold class car wash and was very happy with it. Wasn't extremely expensive, was very sudsy, and did a great job. I can go a little longer between wax jobs with it
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I have used Meguires Gold Class and the Mr. Clean soap...

The Meguires is highly recommended in my book, it gave my car a nice shine.

The Mr. Clean stuff I also recommend, but only for a quickie. You MUST follow the directions correctly or you will get the water spots. It doesn't seem to give the nicest shine though...
i thought T uses dish soap to wash his car?
I use the armour-all kind because I keep getting these damn gift boxes with armour-all crap in them. I've got about 4 bottles of this. It works, by the way.

Originally posted by moogoo@Nov 1 2004, 08:55 PM
i thought T uses dish soap to wash his car?
i only reccomend dish soap before your first Zaion application. The high alkaline content breaks through normal waxes, ensuring you get the cleanest possible surface for the new wax to bond to. - T
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so do i wash with z-7 first then dish soap? or just straight up dish soap from the start?
Dish soap at the start. Give you a clean "canvas" to work with.
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I would have to say that I love how the Rain X or Mother California Gold car wash soap works on my tc. They both really bring out the deep black look on the car and it always looks like it was waxed.

For wax on the other hand I would either go with Rain X's spray on wipe off wax or if you are in to the buffer and wax thing that I would go with Mothers Cleaner Carnuba Wax. Both give a baby soft paint feel and I love how they come off with no ugly smearing or left overs. Just my two cents.

I have used practically everything out there that is on the shelf and I have found those two to be the best....

For the Dash and Windows I use Stoners Invisible Glass and Stoners Trim Shine. The trim shine is not too glossy and gets rid of dust and dirt while shining in the process.

I personally like the K.I.T. car wash myself. I know of a lot of detailers thet swear by it and it never took that nice coating off of my paint when I had my suburban. It's also Carnauba based and comes in generous quantities. Save yourself the loot.
excuse my ignorance but what is 'Zaion'?
thanks wolo... my mom just bought a new highlander... i'll get some for her too

which one(s) should i buy?? im not looking to spend a fortune here... just want the basics.


Z1 and Z2
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