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What you guys think about these rims

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Tell me what you guys think about these..

Getting it in HyperBlack Color for my BSP TC

Lenso LS5
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They look original. If that's your goal, rock on!
Wow a orignal rim design. Don't see many of thoughs these days. I think it would look cool.
those rims look pretty cool. i agree on the originality too. hyperblack? sounds awesome.
Totally Decepticon!

And I mean that in a good way!!!

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Positive feedback. Right on! Originality is the key...
So, did you ever get these?? I just noticed them on another site, did a google search and found this post.

EDIT: The wheels you posted are actually the LS-9s - the site you linked to has them mixed up. You can check the Lenso website. These are the actual LS-5s and the ones I have in mind:

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I like those better, but the first ones are definately very original.
The LS-9's are definitely original and aggressive. I'm guessing in black they look even better, I'd say go for it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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