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What ya think about this wing?

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What's up everybody,
how do you all think this wing would look on the tC:

They also carry the carbon fiber trunk for: $425
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I wouldn't mind having CF body panels, but I'd paint them to match the metal. I'd definitely like to shave off some weight from the car, it is pretty typical Toyota heavy.
Originally posted by moriarty@Mar 27 2005, 02:51 PM

it is not exactly the same but, it looks very much like the spoiler on this car. It didn't make the accord/bmw look any cooler.

I am sure there are people who like it. I however, am not one of them.
I forgot how much that car rulez.
i for one like the spoiler. And who needs paint? Leave it blue like that, it adds more horse power that way. Make sure you check your spoiler fluid levels often though, it may not produce as much down force if the flux capacitor isn't in sync with the color of the spoiler. I'm ordering 2! One for tC and one for my tV... i need a better antenna anyways...
Not A Fan
I hope you wouldn't actually consider putting that on your car. Ye gods.
ye gods is right. I have sensitive eyes and was temporarily blinded by the ugliness of that wing. Had to look away and yell OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!
Not really diggin the carbon fiber also. To each his own, however. Next time, spice it up with a poll, they're always fun.

(wow, i need break. I NEVER say "spice it up".)
It'll be okay, Alex.
Just take a spin out in your boat. Er....raft.
joo s33m l1k3 4 h8t3r 2 m3, j0!*

*starts fevereshly chewing the phone wire*
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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