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what the crap is up with these fuses?!

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Have you guys seen these things? They're TINY. Not to mention I blew my 15A accessory fuse and couldn't find one to replace it at three different stores. I ended up buying some regular ones the same size and trimming one to fit lol.

Anyway, anybody have any suggestsions besides the dealership? (They were closed today)
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I had this problem about a year ago, and even the dealership didn't have the right kind of fuse. Just use standard mini fuses. They fit just fine without filing them, although they will stick out.
yeah, i noticed the mini ones work fine, but i dont like not being able to close the fuse box cover
Now I remember what I did. The fuse box under the hood will close just fine with one or two standard (larger) minifuses in there instead of the stock ones. Take a tiny 15A fuse from that box and replace it with a minifuse, and then put the tiny one in the other fuse box near the driver's seat so that it will close. Problem solved.
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Glad to help. Two or three of my fuses blew within a week or so last fall, so I had to scramble around looking for replacements. I never did find the right kind, but I haven't had any more problems with my fuses since then.
Nice thread. This is why I like this place!
By the way, the fuses are made by a company called LITTELFUSE. They have several distributors, one of which is Mouser electronics ( Part numbers 897___
where 89707.5 is the 7.5 A, 897010 is the 10A, 897015 is the 15A and so forth

I ordered the fuses from them for way cheaper than the dealer, but I had them shipped back to Jersey. They look like the right ones, but I'll let you guys know for sure if they're the right ones when I get back home for XMAS.
Please do let us know. I may get some if they are the right ones.
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