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Which of the following would you choose?

  • 20"

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  • 19"

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  • 18"

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  • 17"

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What size would you go for regarding looks?

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Thank you guys for helping me out.
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Looks 18, Performance/everyday driving 17
Anything larger than 18 is too much IMO.
I'd go with 18s
Thanks to all who chimed in, keep 'em coming.
Personally, I think 18's are marginal but generally look good, and anything larger than that looks ridiculous on a normal-sized passenger car.
I like 17s but the fender gap needs to betaken care of. 18s are fine too, but I like the look of a slightly thicker sidewall.
for looks i like 19's or 20's but if you're going for performance get some forged 17's or 18's.

i would say 18's, because thats what i got, but seriously 18" are most likely the best for over all driving, racing and just looking good.mainly if you get you car lowered
^^^^Thats not true, wide 17" are the best you can do for performance and cornering, because you get that beautiful sidewall
18" look better than 17s, but 17 x 8.5 would be an excellent choice
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I voted 18s. That's what I'm looking for personally
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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