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what size wires?

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Whats the recomended size wires for a 500w x 1 @ 2ohms amp?
Ill be running one 10".

Im also adding a small 2 channel amp 40 x 2 for the front component set, what size wires should be used on this amp?

I think this should be a strait forward installation, but if anyone has any special instructions I would appreciate it.

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4 gauge. It might be a little bigger than what you need 8 gauge would actual be just fine. But it leaves room so if you want to upgrade in the future you don't have to rerun wires. For the smaller 2 chnnel amp I would just go with 8 gauge for that. I currently run 0/4 setup.
yeah I ran 8 gauge but I am having to run 4 gauge now because I am getting a bigger amp, take my mistakes and learn
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Plus 4 gauge wiring kits are fairly cheap. I think they are only about 25.00 for a Raptor kit. I know the MaAudio kit is a little more around 69.00 Not to sure I would have to check. So yeah save yourself the time
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what about connecting the remote and RCA wires? I havent taken out the head unit yet , so I dont know if there are 4 outlets for two RCA sets. If anyone knows let me know please.
Okay stock HU has no preouts for the RCA's you have to get a high/low converter and attach them to your speakers or get a special wiring harness for your hu. I did the high low converter and it works great.
Is one way better than the other in a two amp setup?
If I go with the Hi/Low will I need to get a splitter or something?
Or if I go with the harness can I hook up two amps to it?
No normally when buying a HU you would need one with 4 preouts. The Hi/Low is just as good. All it does is connect to your speaker wires. If you have never done it get it installed by a pro. The wiring harness only allows for 1 amp output that I know of.

4 AWG pwer to a distribution block. 8 AWG from dist block to amps. 16 or 18 AWG turn on lead. 16 AWG speaker wire to the four corners. 12 AWG speaker wire to the sub. Get some decent RCA's. Twisted pair are best. Don't buy the cheapies and don't have to be the mega-buck one's either. You should expect to spend about $20-30 per pair. You can also make your own using some ethernet cable. Check out my post here:
So I did a little research, and found a few hi/lo adapters. Im guessing that because I have two amps I will need to get one with two RCA jacks output. Or can I use some sort of Y adapter with a Hi/Lo adapter with only one RCA output?
whats best?

Or is there a way to integrate the "Ethernet RCA cable" (compliments of Alpman) into a one RCA output Hi/Lo level adapter? Maybe if I made the eathernet cable one big Y adapter.
what do you think?

Also where can I get a good cheap Hi/Lo adapter
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I would use two hi to low adapters, but that's just me. Yes you could make the ethernet RCA's one big Y cable as well if you just use the one hi to low. Peripheral Interface Electronics (PIE) makes a couple of great 4-channel hi to low adapters. Check them out here:

You should be able to pick one up at your local Car Audio store.
Ok i just noticed that my little Alpine 3522S amp has SP Level input. Does this mean I can use those instead of getting an additional Hi/LO adapter, or is that something different. If it is a Hi/lo converter, is it recomended to run speaker wire all the way to the back rear panel to plug into this amp or is it better to run the RCA cable?

Oh and by the way I said before that this amp was 40w x 2 but it is actually 30w x 2, will this be a problem for the SPS-171A component set?
Was reading another forum (scionlife)

this is what was said:
The RCA outs are built into the stock head unit, but for some
reason SCION chose to not include them (probably to
push us to get the Bazooka from them rather then just go

This kit simply gives you two RCA plugs that Scion intentionally
left off the back of the head unit, but exist internally.
Is it NOT a converter of any sort!

I dont kow about you but this seems like BS, the little wire thing looks like its just feeding off of the speaker wires. what are your thoughts on this item?
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That adapter is just adding a hi-to-low adapter between the two sets of harnesses. If it doesn't convert anything, as they claim, then you would be running speaker level directly into your amp, which can cause damage to the input stage of most amplifiers.

To answer your question about the 3522S, the SP Level input is exactly that, a hi-to-low adapter built in the amp. You can connect the speaker wires directly to this input w/o the use of a hi-to-low adapter. I hi quality adapter would actually perform a little better and would be less likely to introduce engine whine into the system, so there is still an advantage to using one of the adapters I recommended, but it should work fine.
thanks Alpman,
I appreciate all of you help. By the way your car looks great, absolutelly outstanding craftsmanship, which a very rare thing (unfortunately).
Anyway, great job-the front doors look sexy!
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