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what size of rivets to use?

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can someone tell me what size of rivets to use to replace the front speakers? these are the sizes that i know of: 1/8" , 5/32" , 3/16" , .053" x .093" , .068" x .123" , .081" x .153 and .101" x .188"
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um screws.....? Rivets are a waist of time, and patience. Get you a MDF baffle, drill out the old rivets, and use some say.... 2" lag bolts on the baffle...good as new, and will support the driver better than the old factory plastic baffle.
thanks for the advice, and where do i get the mdf baffle?
Well you could have someone who makes them make a pair for you, just need to be really specific on what you want...dimensions of drivers and such.

Or go to Lowes/HD, and get you a sheet of 3/4" MDF, trace out the old baffle, and cut you a circle the size of the speaker (correct driver mounting width) and bolt it to your doors. Heres a good link for you btw.

A how to make correct baffles for you tC guide.
Complements of Mandos. You may not need 2 Layers but i did, as the depth of my drivers were a good 3-3.5" deep. Hope this helps.
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or buy them from alpman

I bought mine from him and love them! got them for about $55 including shipping
I have these from Alpman and they are excellent quality.
I got mine from alpman too, i really like them, perfect fit
They will work as long as the cuttout diameter is consistant with the factory, or even alpmans baffles.

I have 7's in my doors....6.9" cutout and they didn't fit the least bit on the factory baffles, i had to make new ones......I say save yourself $20, and go to Lowes or HD and spend a few dollars on a 1/2 sheet of MDF and make them out of that....very simple to do and you can say you did it yourself....

But do what you like. I like to take pride in what i've done as far as my Soundsystem goes, granted its not completely finished, but close enough for now.

Might go 3way in the next month, with some kickpanels and such.
Demon, not to argue, but I do believe that we all take pride in our audio system and that is why we got our pieces from alpman, we didn't want ours to look like crap like the link on scionlife, i could have cut out smoother shapes than that when i was 8. Alpman's are smooth, painted and in my mind just a good buy. You can do it yourself, but it would have cost me more than alpman's baffles because i dont have all those tools sitting around.
NP there, i don't see any problem with any of that, i just find getting out and doing the work myself to lend itself more be more personal than having someone do majority of the work.

I know everyone takes pride in there own work, and i don't have a problem with your reply, as i do know not everyone has the oportunity to have the equipment needed to make something like that. I just find the way to know what your doing, and how things work....why they work, and why things need to be done a certain way, is through doing it yourself, and making things yourself. If you choose not to do it that way then more power to you.....

The baffles mandos made are slightly rough, but no one is gonna see them when there is the factory grill covering them. IIRC he is one of the guys that works at eD. But if you require a much thicker baffle like i needed then i guess its a different story. I just like to do everything myself, simple as that. But not to add fuel to the fire....

I see your an alpine fan......i would like to get the H701 and C701...
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Im not neccesarily a fan of just alpine, i like lots of brands, but I just decided to try alpine for a change. I have always been a fan of JBL/Infinity; they are suck good quality for the money. Polk momos are good too, jsut a little high pitched in their speakers. As far as subs go, i like eD and Treo; they both give great bang for the buck.
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