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what should my lpf and hpf be set at?

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I just bought some Focal 165 v2 component speakers for the front and they sound AMAZING. I also ordered a 10" Infinity perfect sub and it will be getting 300 watts rms. My question is, what frequencies should go to the speakers and sub? Right now, the focals are overpowering my Infinity basslink and I have 80+ hz going to the speaker and 80- hz going to the basslink. Should I be sending more lower hz to the sub or vice versa? Or is it all based on what sounds good to me?
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80 Hz is a good starting point for most systems. It depends on the components of the system, their specs and capabilities, but ultimately it's entirely up to your personal taste.

I run at 72 Hz LP @ 24dB/oct for my sub and 63 Hz HP @ 24dB/oct for my mids. The overlap gives me alot of mid-bass kick...which I really like to hear/feel.
well personally i like to cross the sub higher, my 13kv.2 is at 100hz @24db, my cdts are at 90hz 12db, but it is really up to you.
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