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What Should I Do?

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My friends are still giving me grief about me wanting to trade in my 95 camaro z28 for a tc. My camaro has 66,000 miles, and overall is in good shape. I'm just tired of the poor gas mileage/high up keep. This is why I am considering buying a tc. I love the body style of it and the price is perfect for me. I know I will miss the horspower my camaro has, but I also know I will be happy with the tc, and feel safer in it, as my camaro has started to give me some mechanical problems lately.

So, I guess I'm wondering if you were in my situation what would you do? I know I have posted this subject before, but I'm really in a bind here, and would really appreciate some more advice.

Thanks again.
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Trade in the camaro get a tc then on april 1st get a supercharger for it.
Tc's have great gas milage. I used to have a camaro iroc and Im glad I got rid of it. Hope you get the tC.
The way I see it, the horsepower of the camaro would be missed. However, since you are starting to get mechanical problems I'd sell it while you can still get a good deal of money for it. It's milage isn't too bad and no major mechanical problem has popped up yet. That's just my two cents.
Once you go Toyota, you'll never go back.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Feb 16 2005, 04:02 PM
Once you go Toyota, you'll never go back.
^^^What he said.
are your friends going to be driving the car for you?

do what is good for you....

talking sh!t is what friends are for, isn't that right d?
no doubt, yo.
The tC's a fun pocket-rocket!!! Once you go Toyota...ditto.
i knew you had my back on that one, d.
subcome to the peer pressure all the cool kids are doin it
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My mom says I'm cool.
Sell the camaro private party, get more cash for it than u would trade in value, then drop that as a down payment on your SC'd tC. You'll be set bro.

Chevy's are crap anyway, the camaro just has enough horses to make you forget it sometimes. 66000 miles and you're having mechanical issues already? Dude my honda was at 102000 when i got it and it was perfect until i dogged it out. My timing belt FINALLY snapped at about 164,000. Still don't have any oil leaks even worthy of the name.

Japanese cars just last longer period.
I converted from Chevy's to Toyotas ten years ago and will NEVER go back. They had to almost peal my hands off my old Camry (190,000 perfect miles) to put me in the tC. I wanted them both! The tC is the BEST CAR IN ITS CLASS in the world, and leaves them all in the dust, and many much more expensive. ballyhooed cars as well. You won't ever regret buying a Toyota. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE my new tC!!! These days, I can't wait to have to drive somewhere, even in the city. I smile all day. It's just like being in love!
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