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What does an intercooler do?

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I have seen intercoolers on a lot of cars, and I was wanting to know what they do? Somebody said, that they add like thirty horsepower. Is this true?
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To quickly answer your question, an intercooler "cools" the pressurized or charged air coming from a turbo before it enters the intake manifold. Even an amateur should know that cooler intake temperatures makes for more power. Basically, if you're running a turbo, you need an intercooler. How much power an intercooler will add depends on your application, but one thing is for sure, if you're without one, you will certainly be missing some additional HP
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Give the d00d a break. He even said he was a newb in the topic header thing. howstuffworks is a cool site check it out. Thanks Mr. Pliss.
its common sense though...
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Originally posted by filmnews@Oct 3 2005, 09:26 PM
Common sense is that the Red Sox will lose to the White Sox in four games.
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Wow, that has to be the coolest web-site ever!
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White Sox destroyed the Red Sox today.
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I believe that on MOST 4 Cylinder Cars, you can run upto 6 PSI WITHOUT an Intercooler.

OR, you can go upto 10 with an Intercooler.

I takes the HOT air that is coming in by the Exhaust Manifold, and essentially cools it down to increase performance and reduce the risk of Detonation (motor goes KAPOW!)

This is on a STOCK motor, BTW.
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Scoffing at people for asking questions makes you look very cool boys...
Intercoolers don't add power, they actually might even take a little away, but it's there to let your car run higher boost levels safely, so..I guess in a way, it could add hp
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