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What do you guys think about this Wheel?

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Hey Guys,

I found these rims on ebay... 18" Chrome ICON, bought the set for $601 I thought the price was good.. so I didn't pass it up... but I wanted to know what you guys think about it.. whether it be good or bad... they are 18 x 7.5


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i'm not big on chrome wheels, but the rims look good, not a bad price. what color tC do you have?
I have a BCP scion...

Its been hard to find rims... because to me.. BCP isn't a wheel friendly color...

So I always keep my eyes open on ebay... and I couldn't pass this one up...

i like their style, they should look good on a bcp tC.
Quick question... I know when I bought my tC .. you get tires for life if you keep up with your car check ups.... what exactly happens when you buy aftermarket tires and rims?? Do you still receive free tires? or do I no longer get this because I changed wheels??


Why would you always get check ups at the dealer? Its like throwing away money. i do not believe you will continue to get free tires if you change, but i think that is a question for your dealer, not us
chrome rims look ridiculous on anything except gangsta cars (buicks, chryslers, etc) or trucks. i would hate to see chrome rims on a TC.
One there's no way they will pay for your tires, why not pay for your gas too. Two I have a good friend who has chrome rims and they have to be cleaned daily. That and there heavy as hell. Unless you get chrome plated then there cheap.
Chrome look good though, not everyone wants a "race themed car", chrome wheels will provide a very elegant look to most cars, i think they look fine, I look forward to seeing them on the car, post pics soon!
if the car is more for show purposes than racing/performance, i have no problem with chrome (especially on a dark colored car)
really i only like deep dish chrome rims...but i guess those would look good
Like I always tell everyone...Scions=FAT CHROME...get them rims...I would...FAT CHROME BABY
yeah. i wouldn't normally say this but, i think those rims might look really nice on a tC in BCP. if you like them I wouldn't laugh at you for putting them on. I would high five ya.
Well... I feel much better about the purchase... now that I have the support of putting chrome shoes on my car

I should be getting my wheels tomorrow... then I still need to purchase tires for them...

What are the cheapest... but not horrible tire... that I can purchase??

I looked on ebay... I see some tires by Nankang... and also some Essenzas I think they are called..

What do you think??

See less See more has ratings on quite a few tires for handling in the wet,dry,snow,etc. there's probably a better price elsewhere,but you could get some ratings at least
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