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What are tC's Rev-Limited at?

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After test driving an 06 tC, and leaving a random riced out old-school corolla in the dust (kinda sad seeing how I've never drivin a tC before--and please dont flame me for maxing out a brand new tC like that, i just wanted to see what the car was made of, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who abuses floor models), I wasn't shifting looking at the tach, I was shifting when the car stopped pulling in each gear. But after glancing down a few times really quick (we all know how fast stuff happens when your adrenaline is pumping and you're in a race), I know I at least hit 7K (got rubber in first and second). BUT, after riding around with my bud who owns an 05 auto tC, his car wont let him rev past about 5500 rpm. So I'm wondering... at what point does the tC with a 5speed (what i test drove) rev limit you, and what does the auto limit you at?
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They both limit at 6250. The auto will definitely spin over 5500, I just finished a 3700 mile drive in the wife's auto and I could get it to redline in every gear by mashing the gas down and holding it there.
and that's why i didn't want a tc that was sitting on the lot! the one i test drove had over 200 miles on it
It's possible that the tach might read over the rev limit at times..but yeah, as long as lo bux's number is correct, it really stops there.
I'm not able to hit redline in 1st gear (while in D) but of course when I shift to L I can definitely hit redline. In 2nd gear though I hit redline if I mash on the gas pedal. Haven't tried 3rd cause I don't want to get an unexpected ticket.
What you mean not able to hit redline in first gear? ???

Put it in first and hold the throttle down for... lol, say anything more than 4 seconds? (thanks to our ultra-short first.)
Hes talking about an automatic.
The wife's auto redlines in first. Just like my manual. Mash the gas, watch the tach climb and shift at redline. Works everytime for me.
Huh. Maybe this thing about the engine learning your driving habits it true then? Perhaps it learned somehow not to push it to redline to shift, maybe because he took it really easy on the engine during the first 2k miles or so... Certantly would be an interresting fact if it were one. Wonder what you could do to clear that, have to be more than just unplugging the batt. for 20 min. At least, i would think so. Maybe a re-flash of the computer?
No, I suspect a simple reset would clear the i in the ETCi and the VVTi. Just remove a fuse for 10 seconds if I remember right.
Whenever I mash the gas pedal the tach goes to 6000 then shifts but never goes to 6200+.
I can't wait for my first oil change. Then i can experience what if feels like when the engine is REALLY breathing.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Jul 10 2005, 12:22 AM
No, I suspect a simple reset would clear the i in the ETCi and the VVTi.  Just remove a fuse for 10 seconds if I remember right.
Happen to know the fuse? =/ After driving in ATL traffic I'm getting nice pull lower down but nothing up-top like it used to... I know it isn't going to be as fast as it was in February due to the temp increase... but I can notice how the power just isn't up there up top like it used to be.
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