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Waving At Other tC Drivers?

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Hey Everyone,
Just wondering how many of us out there actually wave at other tC drivers? I definitely do it.. I know it's kind of dorky but hey, there are only a few of us out there so far!!! Might as well start a trend right?
Just taking a poll that's all...

"Silver Streak Mica, Automatic, Nov/04"[/B]
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Welcome to the site.

We had a thread like this going on a while back, but we talked about all Scions as a whole, not just the tC.
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aww damn i m sorry my bad..

i just want to find more tC drivers in my area.. i've only seen like 3!!

granted i like being the only tC out on the road for most of the time.. just want to see some sort of support.. or love..
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I just waved to a guy yesterday in Napa, CA. He was from out of state, had ScioNRG stickers on his SSM.

I usually try to flash my lights or wave when I see people.
I always try to wave, but usually it's too late

occassionally, I'll follow other tC drivers into parking lots & talk to 'em ...gotta say "nice car" and tell 'em about the site
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I try and give the bird, but sometimes I just nod...

Actually I always nod, but if you get the finger you know who it is... lol
I wave sometimes, but I'm seeing more and more of them...
You mean there's others out there with tC's? Where? lol. I barely see them, and my bf points them out to me....on the other side of the freeway. Guess I can't wave at that point.
I can't really wave cuz of the dark tint. I usually try to flash my brights, but I have yet to get a response from other drivers...
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I have only seen one tC on the road so far. I honked and pulled up to the guy and we had a nice short talk, admired each other's cars. Would love to start a club here in Memphis. Anyone else out there?
Many many moons ago, when I wave at fellow tC owners, they wave back. I got to drive w/ an IIP for 5minutes and at the end, we waved to each other good bye. But lately, no one seems to care anymore on the roads around here
*sniff* The other day, the other girl just stare back at me and that was it. no smile, no waving, felt cold.

btw, i'm also wonder if guys wave more than girls or not? I notice guys are more willing to initiate/wave back. I got nothing from other girls.
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I usually nod, sometimes wave. Or I don't do anything, depends what kind of mood I am in.
Two days ago I saw to tCs on the same freeway on my way to school, it seems that at least once a day I'll see a tC other than mine.
some dude in a ssm tc waved at me in a very girl fashion last night. I just laughed and and gave him a head nod
i was at a stop light in fresno the other day. sitting right next to me was a iip tC. they didn't even look over.
^^^it wasn't me - I would've waved.
I see tc's all the time now especially when I'm driving around uptown but hardly anyone ever waves back. There was a guy who let me merge in front of him on the freeway the other day when traffic was bad but normally no on else cares.
I have waved at a few other tC drivers. I have gotten no response from any of them. I think I will quit trying..a bunch of snobs (I thought that was BMW drivers)...unlike the people on this forum...
Yeah.. i have had no response either.. the tc'ers i've waved at dont even aknowledge me but i'll keep doing it. I'll run into one of you and you'll wave back at me
i hope
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Originally posted by Norma@Mar 5 2005, 11:29 AM
Yeah.. i have had no response either.. the tc'ers i've waved at dont even aknowledge me but i'll keep doing it. I'll run into one of you and you'll wave back at me
i hope
I'm in the North Bay and occasionally i'll hit the South Bay. I'll make it a point to wave at IIP's now.
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