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Hey guys my friend has a scion and i have just ordered mine, and he said that he called his dealer and he said that if he got a sound system then it voids his factory warranty, and also if he got an exhaust (not trd) then that also voids his warranty! Is that true? I thought it was bull but im not sure.

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the best way for you and your friend to solve and answer this question is consult your warranty booklet. it will spell out the conditions and restrictions that your warranty has. I would also check this out with your scion service department as they may allow for further liberties.

I know I typed this out once before but, ....

What is not covered
Fire, accidents or theft

Abuse or negligence


Improper repairs

Alteration or tampering, including installation of non-Scion Authorized Accessories

Lack of or improper maintenance, including use of fluids other than those specified in the Owner's Manual

Installation of non-Scion Authorized Parts

Airborn chemicals, tree sap, road debris, rail dust, salt, hail, floods, wind storms, lightning and other environmental conditions

Water contamination


Normal Wear and Tear

Maintenance Expense

Vehicles with altered Odometer

Salvage or Total-Loss Vehicles

Incidental Damages[/b]
That is how the warranty is spelled out. Further information could be found by contacting your scion dealer or call Scion Customer Experience @ (866)70-SCION

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