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Want to change little light in the Headlight

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I am looking to change the little light in the low beam headlights. This is because I have blue headlights, and the little light is not. Does anybody know where I can get a blue light replacement for this?
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Get the PIAA Bulbs that fiream have.
What size are the bulbs? Are they 194? Did fiream get them at
Originally posted by fiream
PIAA SUPER LED WEDGE BULB 19261 Blue Color PN 19261 (twin pack)
Cool! I will order this first thing tomorrow.
How do you take these bulbs out? Do you turn them like the headlights? I tied turning them a little, but they will not move.
They pull straight out, it just's takes the right grip.
Save your self the shipping and get to the zone....Au-to-zone.
Sorry I just had the commercial replaying in my head!!!!

P.S. I don't thing they sell the led 194's, just the glass bulbs 194's.
Will the glass one's last as long? Also, are they as bright as the LED?
The parking lights do not pull straight out; you have to turn them just like the headlights. Filament-bulb 194s (I assume this is what you mean by "glass bulbs," although the LED bulbs are also made of glass) are not as bright as the LED ones, nor will they last as long, and yes, they do make 194 LEDs.
I think he meant straight out of the harness.
I purchased some glass one's at Auto Zone last night for 2.99. They are not bright at all. I will buying some LEDS from on Monday.
No, they are not as bright as LED's and yes, I did mean the bulbs pull straight out of the harness. As Basilisk4 said, you do have to turn the harness/connnector counter clockwise and it'll come out of the actual headlight housing. Then you pull the bulb straight out.
i just replaced those with some Whelen 90 watt strobe bulbs. here's a link to crappy picture, but i think you can still see the bulb:
Do the lights strobe the whole time?
no, they are on a completely different circuit, with a seperate switch. i can turn them on anytime i want, whether the key is in the ignition or not...
That sounds pretty cool. Should post a video when you get a chance.
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