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Want more power, what should i get?

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Hi, i'm new to the forums and just got my 06 BSP tC last week. Is there anything that would give the overall performance of the car a boost? Something that isn't terribly expensive. I basically want more acceleration and quicker repsonse. Thanks
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for the price i immediately say intake, K&N or Injen, both are great products, but Injen can convert to short ram or full CAI...

advantage Injen

great response, great sound, great look, great color....great flavor?
I'd get a lightweight flywheel and lighter wheels and tires. Guaranteed to improve acceleration times. They're also completely smog legal and have no negatives in terms of questionable warranty coverage.
^^ who makes a good flywheel for our cars?
Fidanza makes nice stuff, and Titan Motorsports is a decent outfit. I've worked with theirs and Mueller's stuff. They both rock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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